Introduction to Henry Hoover…

Welcome to Henry Hoover Here you will be introduced to the one of the worlds leading vacuum cleaner brands, Henry Hoover and his new family members, each providing a unique cleaning system with that famous smiley face.

Henry Hoover is renowned for their superior durability, functionality and ease of use making Henry and his friends the favoured choice for domestic and industrial applications the world over.

Whichever Henry Hoover you decide on, be it Hetty, James, George, Harry or Charles, Henry Hoover Family will be able to guide you to finding the ideal family member to meet your needs and get the best deals on the web…

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Henry Hoover Accessories

Henry Hoover Accessories
Henry Hoover has a vast array of accessories to both compliment and enhance his cleaning capabilities. These range from extension hoses, replacement nozzels and heads to specially designed cleaning adaptors targeted for pet owners.

Whatever the cleaning requirement there will be an accessory avaliable to utilise Henry’s cleaning power, with each one uniquely desiged and engineered with the same insight as Henry himself. This ensures that all Henry Hoover accessories are rubust as well as functional.

For a full list of popular Herny Hoover Accessories please visit our Accessories Page.

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Henry Hoover… Europes favourite fast and friendly vacuum cleaner

Henry Hoover and his friends have provided professional cleaning standards for over 20 years, with world wide sales in excess of 6 million, making Henry Hoover one of the worlds most favoured choices when it comes to vacuum cleaning.

Long life engineering, proven reliability and high performance have been the main reasons behind Henry’s success and popularity. The high performance comes from Henry’s unique twin flow motor, twice as big as many other competing vacuums, which gives Henry his strong heart and good set of lungs!

Henry is manufactured from the toughest of materials and uses his Tri-Tech 3 stage filtration along with Heper Flow dust bags to ensure exceptional performance, big capacity and cleaner easy emptying.

Henry also boasts a unique array of accessories which answers almost any possible cleaning situation.

Henry is very green little fellow… his power saving switch means that no power is wasted when doing conventional cleaning, only when the going gets tough will Henry need to show off his full power. Henry and his friends are all designed with long life and quality in mind and tested to work for 8 hours a day, meaning you can rest assure your Henry, Hetti, James, Harry, George or Charles will not dissappoint… just ask any one of the millions of Henry Hoover owners.